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Former Member
Jul 28, 2006 at 07:52 PM

Calculate the date diff


Hi, The requirement is to calculate the diff between 2 date fields and display it. I could able to get the difference between the 2 date fields. But now the result column SHOULD DISPLAY the result ONLY if the 2 date fields have the date set ELSE it should be left blank(basically NULL shud be set to the result column in such cases).

The formula which I have used to get the result is :

(NOERR(date1)<>0 AND NOERR(date2)<>0)*(date1-date2).

The above formula works fine and gives the result as desired except that it puts "0" even though the date fields doenst have a value.I have tried to use the ELSE part by giving "1/0" thinking it wud give me "#" but this didnt help me out anyway.

Any inputs on this...