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Production order qty updated automatically when Sales order item qty is changed

Dear friends,

I am facing the below issue in our SAP system.

We have developed a custom interface to maintain Sales orders.

We use BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE function to update changes made by user. The problem case is,

for e.g., we have created one Sales order item with 18 EA qty.

Planned order is generated for 18 EA qty.

User converted Planned order to Production order for 18 EA.

Now, Sales team amends the Sales order item qty. from 18 EA to 30 EA.

This 30 EA qty. is automatically updated in Production order on Save of Sales order.

I debugged the program & found that the qty. change in Production order is done by BAPI only.

As a result of this, in CO03 transaction --> Dates / Qties tab, Planned order is 18 EA qty, but Production order is 30 EA qty.

Why is this happening? System should create new planned order for the amended 12 EA qty., right? Is this standard behavior? How to avoid it?

Also please note:

For the same Sales order item, in the same day, if I make the second amendment in order qty., new planned orders are only getting generated. Existing production order qty. is not disturbed.

For e.g., in the above case, in the same day, if I further amend the Sales order item qty. from 30 EA to 40 EA, the result is,

Sales order item qty.: 40 EA
Production order qty: 30 EA
Planned order qty.: 10 EA

As shown above, in the same day, from second qty. amendment onwards, new planned order is only getting created or planned order qty. changed accordingly. Existing Production order qty. is not disturbed.

I have attached the snap shot of how I call the BAPI and data passed to BAPI in run-time.

Please help and advise what to do to avoid this problem.

Have a nice day :)


V. Karthikeyan.

va03-1.jpg (95.3 kB)
va03-2.jpg (92.5 kB)
md04-1.jpg (82.9 kB)
co03-1.jpg (148.3 kB)
co03-2.jpg (116.0 kB)
co03-3.jpg (79.4 kB)
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