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Jul 28, 2006 at 11:48 AM

How to pass parameters to a Java app in URL iView?



I have posted this /thread/184244 [original link is broken] on the EP Content development forum a few days ago but did not get any response. I hope someone in this forum could help:

I have an URL iView that calls an external web application hosted on BEA WebLogic. All works as expected, however I would also like to call the portaal web app from an email and would need to pass an programmatically generated parameter to the web app (eg. ?id=100).

From searching thru the forum, I believe the recommended approach is to use "NavigationTarget=" along with "&DynamicParameter=":

http://<server>/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=Roles://<pcd location of role/iView>&DynamicParamter=param%3dparamvalue

However, when I tried the above syntax all I get is the URL iView being displayed in the browser, but the parameter is being ignored.

My configuration is:


Windows XP SP4

MS SQL Server 2000 SP4

Any hints/suggestion would be much appreciated.