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Mar 13, 2017 at 02:37 AM

Customer characteristic modification not reflected in AUSP



Characteristics modifications are visible in XD02 screen, but AUSP table is not updated. This causes inconsistencies, as we extract AUSP table for other purposes.


We set up customer characteristics whose values are determined automatically according to customer master data (logic implemented in the "Object Dependencies" menu. For example, if KNA1-BRSCH = ABC, then characteristic CHAR1 = 123).

When you change a master data in XD02 and save -without opening the Extras > Classification screen- AUSP is not updated.

When you open again XD02, go to screen Extras > Classification, you can see the updated characteristic, which proves that the dependencies works. But AUSP is still not updated.

The only way to have AUSP updated is to go to screen Extras > Classification AND save afterwards.

We would like to avoid that the users open this screen just to update a table.

Do you have an idea why AUSP is not updated?

Do you know any standard program we could run to go through the customer database and update AUSP?

Thanks in advance for your advice!