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Jul 28, 2006 at 08:24 AM

Portal Framework


Hello all,

the standard Portal Framework scrollbars do not include the entire page, but deals with the frames (innerpage and navigation) separately. Now i would like to get a framework page done similar to the current SDN one, where you have just one main vertical scrollbar.

I have figured if you change the isolationmode of various pages (e.g. innerpage) from url to embedded, you get rid of the iframe and the page gets embedded into the entire page. This results in one main vertical scroolbar which does inlcude the TLN and Mastead. So far so good, but unfortunatelly the TLN then starts to show some weired behaviour. It jumps around, just when the page is loaded it jumps back to the correct position. Pretty strange.

So obviously this isnt the right approach to get done what i have in mind.

Has anyone else tried this or something similar before and has some valueable hints?