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Jul 28, 2006 at 01:20 AM

Monitoring SAP Ent Portal Transactions


Hi all,

I am a newbie to SAP and hence need some f/b from all of you SAP gurus. Our objective is to measure the end-user experience of users who access SAP via HTTP through their Enterprise portals.

My questions are:

1. Does each SAP Transaction over HTTP have a unique siganture (or URL) that we can trace/track to measure the response time ???

2. If we can breakup the general HTTP traffic into its various threads like HTTP GETs and HTTP POSTs then can we correlate all these threads to its Single Individual SAP Transaction ??? (again this is related to Q1).

3. If a single SAP Transaction is made up of several Dialog steps on the SAP infrastructure is it possible to correlate the dialog steps that make up this single SAP Transaction ???? If so how ?

If there are any articles or help files related to the above please let me know. Any feedback is much appreciated.