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Jul 27, 2006 at 09:39 PM

How create a custom profile on SU02, with only one view?



I try create a new specific profile (R/3 4.6c), per example for Sales department, with only the view "Foreign Trade: Export Data" and without the others sales views available. This profile is for use with MM01/MM02/MM03.

When I use SU02 and I use an object that contain the views to select, I have the folowing options:

A Work scheduling

B Accounting

C Classification


E Purchasing

F Production resources/tools

G Costing

K Basic data

L Storage

P Forecasting

Q Quality management

S Warehouse management

V Sales

X Plant stocks

Z Storage location stocks

The problem is that when I select "V" (field PSTAT) the profile created will have the views:

Sales: Sales Org. Data 1

Sales: Sales Org. Data 2

Sales: General/Plant Data

Foreign Trade: Export Data

Sales Text

I need that the profile use only the view "Foreign Trade: Export Data", but when select "V" on PSTAT, I have all sales views.

Someone know any alternative for this problem?


Michel Elias