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SAP CO substitution

SAP CO substitution I want to make substitution on line item level to substitute cost centers with internal orders I have 50 cost center and with the same name i created internal order to map cost center to be substituted to internal orders

It is hassle to create substitution for each cost center

So Any Idea ?

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

  • Mar 13, 2017 at 08:08 AM


    The scenario doesn't make any sense. To start with, substitution works with values and not with objects. I.e. you can substitute cost centre A with cost centre B. If you want to introduce internal order instead, this is not classical substitution. Second, why do you have cost centres which you want to change to internal orders? If you want to accumulate costs also on internal orders, then you can create statistical internal orders, assign them to cost centres and the costs will be recorded on both objects. So, please, clarify your business scenario...



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    • Well, for this purpose you create statistical internal orders and impose their introduction in the documents by field status.

      As I said, you cannot substitute cost centre by internal order, unless with a user-exit. Even there you would keep a cost centre and simply add a statistical internal order as additional assignment. You will have to maintain a table for such cross-reference or store this internal order as one of cost centre's attributes.

      Keep in mind that budget functionality in CO is quite restricted: you won't be able to introduce your budget per G/L account, for example, but only, in total, on internal order.

  • Mar 12, 2017 at 03:48 PM

    Hello Mohab Taha,

    Essentially, there are two options: 1) you can either define a separate substitution for each cost center, which would be inefficient and time consuming; or 2) you can devise one central substitution which will call user exit. User-exit will be responsible for implementation of logic behind retrieval of correct cost center that should be used in substitution. The mapping of cost centers can be either hard-coded into the source code of user exit (e.g. via usage of CASE or IF/ELSE statement) or can be stored externally (e.g. in custom (i.e. Z*) table). I would recommend the second approach as it simplifies the logic and centralizes it in one place. It also provides better overview of what is the mapping between cost centers.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Bohdan,

      Many thanks for your reply.I am also recommend the second approach you have highlighted but it is risky about the user may put the incorrect cost center.

      To make it clear:

      As the customer doesn't have Fund management and he wants to make budget on CO level.

      So for internal order it is ease to make budget.The problem about the cost center so i want to map each cost center to internal order.

      As Example

      Cost center----- X should be substitution to Internal Order ------X

      And Internal Order ------X is already budgeted so cost center ------X will be budgeted too.

      So I want to make substitution that enables when cost center is found it should be substituted with internal order,on condition cost center X should be substituted by internal order X

      cost center Y should be substituted by Internal Order Y

      So on.....

      Thanks for your coordination.