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Jul 27, 2006 at 01:07 PM

RFC and Search Helps



I have a custom development which consumes a custom RFC from R/3 system. Now this View has got plenty of fields that have an Search Help(F4) option. They are mapped to the Standard structures and Tables present in the RFC. I am not able to get a Search Help for these fields(Though search help is available in R/3 screen for the same fields).

I have read about SVS, EVS and OVS methods in WebDynpro. Now if I have to enable these search helps, am i left only with the option of using these alone. Since I am talking about Standard Tables & Structures in RFC, I have no option of modifying them.

I would like someone to share their views on this. If suppose I have to to use OVS methods, then what should be done in my custom RFC level to incorporate these search helps. I repeat, I have got about 15 fields that need search help option.

Good suggestions will be rewarded.