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Jul 27, 2006 at 10:47 AM

Workflow with REVERT Option of ONE LEVEL ABOVE



We have a scenario where we got to develop Custom Workflows of 4 levels with <i>ONE LEVEL ABOVE REVERT</i> Option.

Like our requirement is...

The worklfow initiator will initiate a Master Data Change Request from ESS and this change request must be go through <b>4 levels</b> of approval(Agents are determined from OM).

Well, in any level, the APPROVER has 2 options -

-> <b>APPROVE</b>

-> <b>REVERT</b>

In case if the Workitem is <i>approved</i>, the control must go to the<i> next level</i> for approval.

In case if the workitem is <i><b>REVERTED</b></i>, then the control must go back to it's <b><i>immediate previous level</i></b> for approval again.

Now, I have 2 options to implement this...


Using <b>LOOPS</b> - Nesting loops will allow us to do the above mentioned functionality. But this will complicate the Workflow Template Design process.


Using <b>Events</b> - I can define Event for each level where based on the decision taken in the workitem, I will call the appropiate event.But this Event based model, will increase my total number of workflows for a single business process.

So, can anyone suggest me any other better method... Or anyone suggest me the best out of these two options?

Please let us know your opinions in all terms.


<i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>