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Jul 27, 2006 at 09:53 AM

File sender adapter (FTP) -> processing mode "Archive"


Hello all

We're polling files from an external FTP server. For this I created a scenario on XI according to this thread:


When setting processing mode to "Archive" in the file sender adapter (ftp) it polls the file, stores it to the archive directory I specified and then tries to delete the file on the FTP server side. This returns me an error because we're not allowed to delete the retrieved files on the FTP server!

Because of this error the file adapter stops further processing and does not poll all the other files.

How can I disable this deletion mechanism while keeping processing mode to "Archive"?!?!?

We do not want to use processing mode "Delete" or "Test" and we don't see other options to influence this behaviour.

Thanks for any guideance on this one in advance!

Kind regards,