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Jul 27, 2006 at 06:49 AM

Index Crawler: Scope Resource Filter: Access Path Patterns not working



I am using EP6 SP17, KM SP17.

I intend to exclude certain files anywhere in the path of repository /xyz from being indexed at all. All files are ending with .HTML_banner.

So I copied the standard crawler parameter and created a scope resource filter which I included to the new crawler parameter, which is configured in the index in question. The settings of the scope resource filter are:

Case Sensitive: Checked

Access Path Mode: Exclude

Access Path Patterns: I tried the following, neither one works correctly:



[Complete path and file name]

The result is always that the files, which I like to exclude, are still indexed.

Unfortunately, as usual there is no comprehensive documentation about the syntax of the parameter "Access Path Patterns" or maybe I missed it.

Did anyone ever succeed using a scope resource filter in a similar scenario?