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Changes in IQ15 sp4 for stored procedure inlining and predicate pushdown - query badly affected

Mar 11, 2017 at 11:36 AM


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We use IQ15 sp3 heavily for ad-hoc query using views and stored procedures on underlying large data tables. We combine views with Procs to take in user parameters at run-time (i.e. date, level detail, portfolio etc) and return data selection according to those parameters. These parameters cannot be used as simple 'where' conditions as they are more complex - returned data is calculated according to the parameter input (hence using procs). It works great in IQ15 sp3 but since IQ15 sp4 - procedure 'inlining' (procs joining procs joining procs) is no longer supported within IQ store, only within transactional space, which means our queries go up from subseconds to many dozens of hours (basically are not acceptable any longer). Predicate pushdown on views also appears to have changed and joining view to a global table is no longer as optimised, judging by the query plans and resulting worsened performance. SAP support, after a long time digging, said this had to be done to avoid syntax errors in user functions (a bit more vague than that), but basically had been rather unhelpful on the issue other than issuing a 'redesign' directive and 'we cannot go back on the change'. Does anyone have comparable challenges of trying to upgrade from IQ15 sp3, and what can be shared about this significant change. thank you

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