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Public IP Access HANA Express 2.0 Installed in Personal Desktop Server

Mar 11, 2017 at 08:38 AM


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I installed the HANA Express 2.0(VM Image) in the VMWare 12 pro in my personal server. Everything is fine, I can access all services in the intranet(192.168.XXX.XXX). The Net Adapter is bridge mode.

Then I tried to build the internet access. To do this, I do the following beyonds the HANA install:
1. Get a DDNS. This works very well
2. My public IP is located in my Router. So I need a mapping. I mapped internet IP+Port to my VMWare IP+Port where VMWare is, port is 8090.
3. Test the 8090 port, it works well says: XEngine is up and running.
4. Then I tried to test webide, port is 53075. I do the mapping the router again.
5. However, the test of 53075 failed. The error says
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX refused to connect.
6. Eclipse either can not access the HANA in my VMWare through Internet.
7. Both steps 5 and 6 work very well in the intranet.
8. I googled a lot in last days and found a relevant video. But should I configure that xscontroller.ini according to the video? I tried that with public IP but that leads XS Controller can't be launched.

Thanks in advance, everyone ...

Best regards,

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2 Answers

Steven CHEN Mar 11, 2017 at 03:15 PM

Some update, when I used 8090 port with public IP address for the WebIDE, it works...
http://<public IP>:8090/sap/hana/ide/

So I think 53075 is blocked by some configuration. Anyway, my requirement is to make HANA accessible to my HANA Studio ... Now it doesn't work.

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Steven CHEN Mar 11, 2017 at 03:53 PM

Some more update, my Eclipse can connect HANA DB after I set my HANA VM as DMZ Host in the router.
But 53075 port is yet accessible through Public IP.

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