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Mar 11, 2017 at 07:15 AM

Design Studio:a strange situation of chart



I'm met a strange scene.I want to show data by chart,which changed by a dropdown.Everything worked fine,but if I click the same column which data not changed everytime after I changed data by dropdown,the data of datasource changed,but the chart nerver change.However,if I click another column which data changed with dropdown,the chart will changed.

Follow picture,picture one ,the dropdown value is "2017",and I select the "销售额" column in chart,

after I select dropdown value "2016" in picture one,the chart will show like picture two,

however if I select the "销售额" column in chart onece again,and dropdown value is "2017",the chart will like follow which not change with datasource,the vlaue of "订单获取率" column should like right crosstable "7000.00",it seems like the datasource of chart nerver changed ,but the truth is changed ,we can see it from crosstable.

And if we carry out above operations in another column,it will work fine.I will upload the model that I used.

Is it a bug?

Waiting for your help!




1.png (20.0 kB)
2.png (18.1 kB)
3.png (28.8 kB)