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Jul 26, 2006 at 11:04 PM



I have a simple entity "Approver" with attribute functions (string) and contacts (String), cardinality 0:n for both.

I build UI object based on Object Editor pattern for this Approver Entity service. Also build the UI object based on Relationship Tab patteren for the Approver Functions and Contacts (attributes).

When I test the UI (Object editor pattern based) for entity service. It let me add the record to functions and contacts tab, but when clicked on save returns following error.

Key (or KeyList) [localKey@11e75a9] is no Key (KeyList) of type COLLECTION_ASPECT_KEY_Approver

At one point this was working fine. I tried to recreate the Entity Service, UI pattern objects and now both the functions and contact tabs not working. Can not save the records added in those tabs.

Do I need to do any coding in Entity Service? Is there a documentation that I refer to resolve this error?

SAP has developed CAF-CORE technology, I guess it will be nice if they can really put out good documentation and tutorials with complex examples.