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I used the BF_STOCK_DETERMINATION to do the stock determination and passed the value(s) to REM BAPI_REPMANCONF1_CREATE_MTS ( GOODSMOVEMNENT TABLE) for Backflush.

Upon STk.determination a ( Record) line (for 2 nos) was created in Goods movement table of REM BAPI_REPMANCONF1_CREATE_MTS.

I put a code to calculate difference of "1" no for COGI and another (Record) line was created into the Goods movement(GM) table.

Now the TABLE has 2 lines

1st line : 1 no (for COGI)

2nd line : 2 nos (For Posting).

Upon Backflush ....


Requirement : 3 nos

Stock: 2 nos (Unrestricted)

Expected Happened

COGI (1) COGI (2)

Post (2) Post (1)

Stk (0) Stk (1)

Basically it reversed the COGI and POST qty in backflush.

How do I instruct REM BAPI_REPMANCONF1_CREATE_MTS. to know which qty to COGI and POST?

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