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Shopingcart number for Myinbox S3 Controller

Hi Experts,

I added a button called "Inquire" to MyInbox Extension S3Custom.Controller.JS and trying to pass Shopingcart number, from the view which is displaying in Shopping cart number in header of the view as below.


Approve Shopping Cart 700004455 with Value 5,005.00 USD


i am not able to find correct code to read shoppingcarrt from MyInbox app extnesion code.

i am trying to fetch shopping cart number by using below code,

sap.ui.controller("cross.fnd.fiori.inbox.CA_FIORI_INBOXExtension.view.S3Custom", { extHookChangeFooterButtons: function(oButtonList) {

// Place your hook implementation code here


sId: "othersBtn",

sI18nBtnTxt: "Others",

onBtnPressed : function(event) {

var viewBindingContext = this.getView().getBindingContext();

var itemBindingContext = event.getSource().getBindingContext("detail");

var sOrigin = viewBindingContext.getProperty("number");

var sInstanceID = viewBindingContext.getProperty("InstanceID");

var itemNumber; //itemNumber = itemBindingContext.getProperty("ItemNumber"); console.log("shopingcart number"+d);

could you please have a look and let me know if any changes require in code.

Advance Thanks.



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