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Deploy NWDI

Mar 10, 2017 at 08:27 PM


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Hello Experts,

The customer decided now to have the NDWI configured into an existing SAP netweaver 7.5 system.

My doubt is if I can deploy straight the last version of the patches CMS, DTR and CBS, can't I?

Should I use the SUM tool?

Thanks a lot.


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Szabolcs Renyo
Mar 13, 2017 at 09:08 AM

Hello Marilia,

You can deploy straight the latest patches.

The NWDI 7.5 includes a 4. SCA which called DI NOTIFICATION (DINTY). You have to install it also.

There are different tools what you can use to deploy. You can deploy via telnet also but you can use the SUM tool as well.

Best Regards,


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Former Member

Thank you Szabolcs. How can I use telnet instead of Sum tool?

I did not see any document saying about deploying DI NOTIFICATION (DINTY).

Matt Fraser
Mar 13, 2017 at 07:26 PM

Hi Marilia,

Is there anything else running on that existing NW 7.5 Java system? While technically you can add the DI usage type to an existing system, I think a best practice would be to have NWDI be a standalone system. It's a judgment call, ultimately, depending on how many developers or different development tracks you're supporting, but even if it's just a couple of developers in a single track, the NWDI system can be very heavily loaded during the CBS build in a track.

SUM would indeed be the preferred tool for doing this, and you'll also want to use Maintenance Planner to be sure to setup a consistent set of SCAs, with consistent patch levels, to deploy. Doing so, and using the stack xml file that is generated, should add the DI usage type to the system when you run the SUM process on it.


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Former Member

Thank you Matt.
Unfortunately, I tried but I could not add NWDI patches into Maintenance Planner. Is there any special procedure to create the stack.xml for those patches?



Hi Marilia,

In the Maintenance Planner, select your Java system, then assuming that Sync and Verify are green, click on Plan. Then pretty much follow these steps:

  • Define Change
  • - Update SAP NetWeaver
  • -- Choose your NetWeaver version
  • -- Choose your current or desired SP Stack
  • -- A list of Usage Types will show up. Select "Development Infrastructure"
  • - Confirm Selection
  • - Next
  • Select Files
  • - Select OS/DB Dependent Files
  • -- Select kernel, hostagent, JVM, SUM, etc updates as appropriate
  • -- Confirm Selection
  • - Stack Dependent/Independent Files
  • -- Non-ABAP
  • --- Deselect all not needed (BPs, or Business Packages, mostly)
  • --- Make sure DICMS, DICBS, DIDTR, and DI Notification (I'm abbreviating, but you'll find them spelled out) are all selected, at minimum
  • --- Also take any other non-BP components suggested by Maintenance Planner
  • - Add Java Patches
  • -- Select "Include..."
  • -- Select all patches
  • - Next
  • Download Files
  • -- Download Stack XML
  • -- Push to Download Basket
  • etc


Former Member

Awesome, Matt. The only problem is that the Maintenance Planner does not have anymore the current system patch level - SP 03. I think that I have to execute the deploy manually through telnet :(


In that case, I would recommend that you do a Support Stack update to sps6 (full disclosure: we're running our NWDI on NW 7.5 sps5, but we have sps6 on our DEV Enterprise Portal (upgrade project in progress)).

The manual deploy via telnet is the NW 7.5 equivalent of the old SDM tool -- very handy when you need surgical precision, but easy to break something if you aren't very careful about managing all your interdependencies. I admit, I miss SDM.

Former Member

I miss SDM too. Thank you so much!