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Mar 10, 2017 at 04:40 PM

EPM Plugin Underlying Connection Closed Error BPC For S/4HANA Finance 1511 (Embedded Model)



We are using both Analysis For Office and EPM in our S/4HANA 1511 implementation.

We are on BW 7.50 SP04. 6 months ago we completed "REQUEST FOR EXCEPTIONAL USAGE OF EPM CLIENT FOR EMBEDDED MODEL", based on SAP Note 2327742. We were given SAP Pilot Note to enable use of EPM.

For some time we were able to use EPM successfully, however suddenly I am unable to use EPM.

I can open an EPM connection, however when I go into any query it provides me an error message when I attempt to select variables from the variable screen, "underlying connection was closed".

Please see attached images (I've reproduced this issue on multiple queries).

I looked into the ST22,st22.png based on the dump file I see reference to: which states:

"500 Internal Server Error

In general login to your backend ABAP system with the same client. Then run transaction ST22 and check the dumps with the corresponding time stamp. Then follow the normal procedure to create a message for the ABAP dump that occurred.

"MessageClass": "BW_BICS_INA",

"Text": "500 SAP Internal Server Error"


"Text": "CL_BICS_INA_PROC_DATA_F4======CP"

  • 2319462 - INA: Dump in CL_BICS_INA_PROC_DATA_F4"

Unfortunately before looking into seeing if the above note should be applied, it requires ~12 prerequisite notes, so if anyone has any thoughts around this that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


epm-connection.png (14.6 kB)
query-view.png (37.8 kB)
error.png (31.8 kB)
st22.png (43.2 kB)