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Mar 10, 2017 at 03:54 PM

BO4 - Number of active sessions on webi proc servers



We noticed earlier some health warnings on the webi proc. servers - we have 4 of them whereby number of active sessions seemed to be rising and is more than the number of cmc/sessions -0 it is as if sessions not being released/recycled back into the pool.

One thought is we have some external users and there are networking problems out of our control at moment with these and if their session is interrupted guess this will leave active session?

Is there anything we can do to ensure sessions are released in such circumstances ?

Anyone else aware of anything which causes sessions to continue to rise without extra reports/users logging in - seems occasionally problem with recycling sessions back to pool.

All looks o.k. now but wonder on people's thoughts aimed to keep number of active sessions down - we already have session timeouts set but need these a certain length to allow reports to complete.