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Mar 10, 2017 at 02:33 PM

3PR Remitt...Why error for 'missing entry in T51RH' for a payee# not even mapped to benefit WTs?


We are currently processing our 401(k) through the third-party remitt (3PR), having mapped the appropriate wt to HR Payee '00000000' and then that payee to the bank vendor.

Now we want to add another benefit wt (HSA ded) to process the same way.

I went into IMG config (for table V_T51RH) and added a new type '3' HR Payee '00000002', mapping it to a different vendor # than 401k, and then mapped the HSA ded wt to this new HR Payee.

When I process payroll --> 'Evaluate remittance'......the amts posted are correct, but the HSA wt amt is being posted under '00000000' vendor, and not the vendor in T51RH?????

Then I chg'd existing 401k HR Payee to '00000003' - - where there is no HR Payee '00000000'...................and this is where I get the error 'No entry in table T51RH for key 3 00000000'........................

SOMEWHERE the system seems to be holding or has hardcoded value of '00000000' but I can't find where. When looking at tables T51RH & T51RA - - only the values I expect are there..................what am I missing? Where else could I look for this value? Does it have anything to do with number seq - if so, how to fix?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as we have a close deadline for successful posting.