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Kanban PO creation - BADI does not trigger

Mar 10, 2017 at 01:21 PM


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Hello Team,

We are creating PO through Kanban but all our enhancements which are part of BADI : ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST does not gets trigger.

We would like to know change certain data during PO creation through BADI which already works for normal PO/STO but not Kanban PO's.

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Tag changed to ABAP Development as I am the opinion that ABAPers can better guide what needs to be checked if a BAdI does not trigger than functional consultants. However, your information is quite insufficient.


We are creating Kanban control cycle PKMC and then Kanban board - PK13N. Mark the container as empty which got replenishment strategy as external procurement 0003 i.e Working with stock transport orders. Once container is marked as empty, PO is created but it does not triggers BADI.

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1 Answer

Raymond Giuseppi
Mar 10, 2017 at 03:03 PM

AFAIK ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST is intended to be executed in ME2xN Enjoy transaction and associated BAPI, not from PK13N. Even ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED doesn't seem to be triggerred, better look for specific Kanaban BAdI like PK_MCKABN_FILL oe exit like EXIT_SAPLMPKB_001.

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Hello Raymond,

Thanks ! We are in process to check above details. Keep you posted.