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Jul 25, 2006 at 10:05 AM

SPnego on SLES9 and IBM JDK 1.4


Hi all,

from SAP" target="_blank">">SAP Help I understand that the spnego login module is not tested on IBM JDK 1.4 and suse linux 9. I've implemented it (or at least i tried) and it seems like that either the browser does not sent a kerberos ticket (i don't see anything in a http trace) or that the J2EE server just doesn't even start the login module. Nothing appears in the logs.

But when a deliberatly make a faulty change in the spnego login module configuration, then it does show up in the default trace, so i guess it does "start up".

Anyway, anyone out there that can tell me that the IBM JDK, SLES9_64 and SAP SPNego login module is supported/works?

Much obliged