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Some units of a batch have to be dismissed while the rest are OK.

Dear all

Please see this situation.

- A batch called "ABC123" is completely released, UD accepted, these are 40 units.

- 25 units of batch "ABC123" are sent to location A and 15 units are sent to location B.

- Something happens during the transport and the 15 units sent to B have to be dismissed.

- If we block the batch, also the good units will be blocked.

Would it be wise to create manually a batch and group these affected units leaving the remaining units for batch "ABC123" unrestricted?

Any suggestion for another alternative, please?

Thank you guys,


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2 Answers

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    Mar 10, 2017 at 02:38 PM

    I'm assuming you are referring to batch status here as opposed to stock categories unrestriced and blocked.

    Yes, restricitng the batch would restrict all units. You can at anytime put the bad material into blocked stock. But if it is in transit as you seem to indicate,then typically you don't want it blocked.

    What's not clear here is when and where you discover the damage material in transit and where it is going to. If this is an internal transfer to a distrbution center, (DC) via a stock transport order, the DC can either simply refuse the shipment and send it back with the carrier. It can receive it and imediately create a transport order to return it. If this is delayed, they can place it into blocked stock until they are ready to return it. Upon returning to the manufacturing site, you should have QM activated for 08 inspection types so this material goes into QI against an inspection lot where it can be appropriately posted to a new batch number and posted whereever it needs to go.

    If you have shipped it out on a purchase order to a customer, you would typically create a returns delivery, then receive it in by the RA#. Again, this should post to QI stock upon receipt (I prefer usng the 05 inspection type for customer returns, not 06).

    Most of this is pretty much already provided for in standard SAP. There is no real single way to do this.


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  • Mar 17, 2017 at 03:45 PM

    Yes, I was referring to the batch status. Thank you for your very useful reply, Craig.


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