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For S/4 HANA, can I use the USMM tcode to send the system measurement data to SAP instead of LAW 2.0

We have the latest S/4 HANA SAP system.

My question is can I use the tcode USMM to system measurement as well as send the data to SAP for Licence Audit ?

Regards !

Haresh Pradhan

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 10, 2017 at 11:18 PM


    First, I added tags for S/4HANA and Solution Manager (because there isn't a tag specifically for license measurement, but most LAW operations occur in SolMan systems).

    Is this your only system? Do you not have DEV, QAS, and PRD? Because if so, you'll really want to combine the measurement into a single upload, which is the purpose of the LAW tool.

    I can't speak for an S/4HANA system specifically, but the old SLAW transaction ("LAW 1.0") exists in ordinary ECC systems, so it might still be in S/4. If you're trying to avoid using a SolMan system (because you don't have one?), then you could probably configure things to use one of your S/4 systems as your central LAW system.

    If all else fails, USMM (at least in ECC 6.0x) still includes an "Upload to SAP" function. I haven't used the direct upload in many years -- I've been using LAW -- but I imagine it could be made to work.


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