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Order confirmation for single positions

Mar 10, 2017 at 10:22 AM


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Hi folks,

having following problem, I want to ask you to help me with the TA VA02. Sometimes we´ve got sales orders as long as your arms. So it would be great to confirm single positions of a list.

I am relatively new to SAP though my study is not long ago. I know that there are modifications, we use if they exist in the standard.

Is there a possibility to tag a position without programming or setting a cancellation reason (hope that’s translated good enough :) or a delivery block. Method 2 and 3 are possible but they have a high error rate. Maybe you forget to take back the cancellation or a block.

Hope there is already a question like that which is solved (can’t believe that I’m alone here) or you have a solution.

Meanwhile i worked out some approaches. The first is extending the Structure KOMKBV3 with Userexit RVCOMFZZ. Second one is framed blue in the right handed corner at the bottom. Is an unused field (source SAP: these groups are unused in the standard, so they are for free use).

Thanks for your efforts



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Sorry your requirement is not clear though your post is a lengthy one !!!! May be you need to rephrase it with the required screen shots if needed for better understanding.


I attached a screenshot. In this approach you can customize a choice (e.g. 'X' - position confirmed).

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