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Catalog for Shopping is visible, but in incorrect language

Hi SRM Gurus,

I have maintained a new language version (let's just say French for argument sake) in the CCM catalog, so now I have the schema and the item in French. I can view those in the CCM without a problem.

However, when searching for the item inside the EBP, I get my French categories and items, but with German descriptions for the TREX search engine. Seems to me that whenever there is something missing for a new language on TREX, the default language (German) kicks in.

I have updated my call structures in EBP with the 'locale' element and changed the BSP (srm_cse) logon language in the CCM GUI, but no combinations (toggling of English, French, and German) has yielded the desired results: everything in French when logged with a French user credentials.

Any ideas?

My SRM levels are:

SAPK-26402INCCM for CCM (installed languages: DECFHIKLNOPSUV3M)

SAPKU40009 for EBP (installed languages: CNHLVEDSIFP)

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1 Answer

  • Jul 31, 2006 at 01:54 AM

    Hi Greg,

    The 'locale' parameter determines in which language the catalog content (for example product descriptions, category descriptions) is displayed.

    In addition to 'locale', you need to define the parameter 'SAP-LANGUAGE' in your call structure, e.g.:


    This parameter determines in which language the catalog user interface (for example buttons and field labels) is displayed.

    Defining this parameter as the SAP Field "SY-LANGU" (system variable) allows you to pass the logon language of the user to CSE. So, you don't have to create multiple call structures with Fixed Value's for 'SAP-LANGUAGE'.

    For the 'locale' parameter, I don't think you can define the language as SAP Field "SY-LANGU" (even though that would be nice :). However, you can still avoid creating multiple call structures with this parameter fixed, by implementing dynamic 'locale' determination in the BAdI BBP_CAT_CALL_ENRICH (e.g., if the user's logon language = "E", then 'locale' = "EN", if the user's logon language = "F", then 'locale' = "FR", etc.). If you do the BAdI determination, you don't need to include this parameter in the call structure.

    Clear as mud?-)



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    • Thanks, Greg. Now I can see Personalization for the search role through PERSREG. As I understand, this is the equivalent of going to the Personalization tab of the search role through PFCG.