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Jul 24, 2006 at 11:46 AM

retrieve some files via FTP and put them to local XI filesystem only


Hi everybody

I'm facing a new challenge (for me) on XI.

We have to retrieve some compressed files (ARJ) from a remote host via ftp. The source directory and file names remain always the same but get updated on the remote host every 14 days. The source files are compressed (ARJ).

I'd like to get those files, unarj (uncompress) them and just store them to a directory on XI's local file system. The directory name should be dynamically determined based on the timestamp of the file.

Is there a simple way on XI to achieve this (using the file adapter)? For now, we don't have to process the file content itself (but maybe in near future) and we do not need to do a message processing... just get them and store them (uncompressed) to the target directory.

Does somebody have a neat idea how to solve it on XI? Or is XI simply not the right tool for such requirements?

TIA for some input.

Kind regards,