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Mar 10, 2017 at 07:05 AM

SDK for Automatic scheduling in the webi 4.2


Hi folks,

I have to achieve the automatic scheduling in the webi 4.2, based on the values that will be updated into a self created repository table on a daily basis. The values will get updated in such a way if it has any changes etc. For example, In policy report policy number is the prompt and those policy numbers which have changes such as insertion, deletion, updation etc will get updated in the table by the ETL Tool and i need to schedule the report only for those table values. Likewise there were many reports. I can't do it via event based triggering because i need to create more events and it affects performance.I don't want to go with publications either.

So our client advised us to achieve this by the way of java SDK. So can you please let me know the various java packages and the classes associated with it for the automatic scheduling in webi 4.2.