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Jul 21, 2006 at 06:30 PM

Employee data download


Hi all,

We have an existing system and the employees are already in the CRM system from HCM system.

The employees were manually created in the CRM system.

Now I use the HR-ALE download to download new employees, the new employees will get succesfully

downloaded into the CRM system, further changes to the employees at HR will download the delta

change to CRM system

Again I use the same HR-ALE download to download the existing employees into CRM. The reason for this

is whenever changes are done to the existing employees, I would require to get the changes into the


Now the grey area is

1. when the existing employee is downloaded will it delete the existing employee and re-create it?

Also the employee will get a new employee number or retain the old employee number in CRM?

(if this is the case, then the existing orders will have a problem as I assume the employee cannot

be deleted as it linked to an order)

2. For the existing employee it just updates the employee information instead of deletion?

(In this case, the existing orders will not be affected and the employee information will be updated

and whenever the employee is updated in HCM, the employee is updated automatically in CRM.

Hence for existing employee will it function as Option 1 or Option 2.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.