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Jul 21, 2006 at 02:14 PM

Only 32 Attributes in Query Design



I have a strange problem in Bex with BW 3.5.

I have an InfoObject 0MAT_PLANT that has 46 attributes there are a mixture of nav and display ones.

I have written a query and included it in a workbook where 0MAT_PLANT and a number of its attributes are in the rows. The attributes are included with 0MAT_PLANT as display.

when I run the query/workbook, all is fine (I have sap all). When a user runs the query/workbook they get an error BRAIN691 Query was changed! Settings for attribute Vendor have not been transferred.

When the user changes the query they only have 32 attributes available under 0MAT_PLANT (I have 46).

On checking the 32 attributes were the first 32 defined for 0MAT_PLANT. I have tried changing the order of the attributes and also the f4 help order but this did not work. I can not find anything on OSS etc.

Any ideas?