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Jul 21, 2006 at 10:56 AM

Can we make a system give a 100% (or near to) read rate?


Wal-Mart aims to read 100 percent of all tagged pallets coming through the dock doors at the DC and stores equipped with readers and 100 percent of all tagged cases on conveyors within the distribution center. “Langford says Wal-Mart expects to be able to achieve 100 percent read accuracy, and the pilot should confirm that that is possible.”

By above mentioned quote; you can understand and realize; how and why tag read accuracy is that important. For example you are missing a tag read and that tag was affixed to a million $ semiconductor item; you can think of loss that can damage one company’s balance sheet with similar mistakes on the same front.

Well it is known that UHF tags are widely used for item tracking solutions; only because of its high and fast reading capabilities. Like you might have understood or learnt the answer in your MBA certification for “Management is an Art or Science?” In the same manner getting 100% Tag Reads are also combination of Art and Science.

Science: You need to choose right kind of reader and tags for different areas like dock door, conveyor belt, checkout station, portal. As per the specific reader and tag specification it is always better to make some test case and find out the accuracy in a real time environment. There are various instruments and test labs are available now which can measure exact read range for a specific reader to tag combination on a specific frequency level.

ART: I would suggest going to an RFID consultant and discuss your needs with them and they will give you the best suggestion. We can just rattle off names to you, but every client's requirements are different and it would be impossible to select h/w for you without looking at the implementation area, studying layouts, checking for interference levels, materials to be tagged, it's really an extensive list. So always it is recommended to find of the nature of work and implementation area and general user practice before choosing your hardware.

So if we are combining both knowledges it is very much possible and results are infront of your eyes.

Point to be noted: As far as the s/w changes are concern its really flexible but when things comes to a hardware behavioral end any one can become panic.