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Fiori Framework Page in Portal from ABAP FES JScript Error / White Page

Hey folks,

I'm currently dabbling in using an Enterprise Portal 7.5 with its Fiori Framework Page consuming the Fiori Launchpad from an ABAP FES on a Gateway Server via Reverse Proxy *draws breath*... and stuff does not work out (yet). Additionally I have really no idea what I'm doing (yet) so, sorry in advance for the imminent amateurism. Here Goes nothing.

System Versions

  • SAP EP: NW 7.5 SPS 5 Patch 0, UISAPUI5_JAVA is on 7.50.6. and I assume the UI5 library Version is on something around 1.38.18. I say "assume" because I haven't found out how to check the actual version of an existing SPS on an AS JAVA without a Patchlevel and would theoretically be on 1.38.18.
  • SAP Gateway with NW 7.5 Stack 5 Patch 0, FES is on 3.0, SAP_UI on 7.51 SP 0 with UI5 library on 1.40.4 (at least this was transparent to find out)


I was following this guide:

Up until point 1.4, where you're supposed to call the portal alias for the FFP via Reverse Proxy, everything works, but actually calling the FFP fails and there's only a blank white page shown. I've tried it with IE11 (in edge mode) and Firefox and both throw the same Javascript Errors:

Being a noob at anything Fiori-related, this doesn't really tell me anything. I assume this is a standard issue because there's nothing out-of-the-box-related involved here.

What I already tried

To rule out a general Problem with the Framework Page itself, I switched it from ABAP to JAVA, although that doesn't make sense, just to see if the launchpad would be polled from the portal library - and so it is.

Secondly, I've launched the Fiori Launchpad of the Gateway/FES directly in the browser which also works.

So, I assume there is some problem with the portal interacting with the Gateway..

I've stumbled across the following blog:

Subsequently I searched for notes for the respective Version of the Gateway's UI Component and found around 65 Notes whch don't exactly address my said problem but pretty much outlined to me, assuming I understand this correctly, that the Patchlevel 4 of the UI5 library 1.40.4 is fairly old (correct me if I'm wrong).

My first guess is, this is some long fixed standard issue and I should ask my colleagues in basis to patch the UI component of the Gateway to a higher Level.

I haven't really gotten a grip yet about how the UI5 libraries of FFP/Portal and Gateway/FES interact with each others, if they do at all. Furthermore, if they do, I wonder if there's some kind of equivalency matrix for UI5-Library Versions, e.g. what Patchlevel in version 1.38 equates what Patchlevel in Version 1.40, assuming they are even compatibel (are they?) or rather, is that even relevant?

Thanks for reading; any help is highly appreciated, even if it's just an RTFM-slap with an SAP-Note that I overlooked.

Cheers, Lukas
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1 Answer

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    Posted on Mar 10, 2017 at 08:29 AM

    The problem is solved. The root cause was a missing configuration in STRUSTSSO leading to the Portal not trusting the Backend and rejecting any Cross Site Scripts being loaded.

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