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Jul 20, 2006 at 04:46 PM

NetWeaver portal administrator user account (UME) locked



I'm on NetWeaver 2004s on Windows. I've been using the UME user "administrator" to perform some development work on Guided Procedures etc and things have been working OK.

When I tried to deploy some code from Developer Studio to the J2EE engine (for the very first time), I was prompted for the J2EE engine password. I'm not sure but I probably put in the wrong one, as deployment kept failing with a message pointing to authentication error.

Then I discovered I cannot login to Portal as administrator any more and the message is the account is locked. I suspect Developer Studio's repeated login failures caused this.

Now my question #1 is, how do I fix this? If the administrator's account is locked, what can I do to unlock it?

Question #2 will be, once I re-enable the administrator account, I'd like to input the correct password in Developer Studio. But Studio only asked me for the password the very first time it tried to do the deployment. I think it saved the password somewhere and repeatedly used it. If so, where can I change it?

Thanks much in advance,