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Customer Stock valuated at plant

Mar 09, 2017 at 01:35 PM


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We have a scenario in which stock needs to be posted against a customer and it should get reserved for that customer. There will not be any sales order while posting the GR to customer. Once customer orders ATP will have to check from this reserved stock against the customer and should allocate the material accordingly.

I would like to know what is the best way to achieve this ?

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Mar 09, 2017 at 07:32 PM

there is no allocation to a customer, you need a customer order in your system.

and if you create a reservation manually then stock is not available for your next order .

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yes through standard process it will not be possible. But from the business process point of view it looks logical to have such scenarios.


this is questionable even from business point of view.

You spend money to get that material and have no guarantee that the customer orders this material. And if you allocate the stock to a certain customer (just assuming it would be possible) then it could not be used for a order of any other customer. The stock falls in oblivion until it reappears again when it is on the list for materials that crossed its shelf life.


That's a fair point in a less controlled system. But here every material sent and customers allocated gets reviewed and reconciled every now and then. Obviously manufacturer who sends this material to allocate to a specific customer will produce it only when he forecasts demand for the material and produces it accordingly. It will not get into a state of oblivion and even if it falls so, there are controls in IM that can be exercised to control the materials not to cross shelf life and become unsaleble.


if that is the case then you should not have a problem to create a sales order and to amend it when the real order comes in.

Jagdeep Singh Choudhary Mar 09, 2017 at 09:26 PM

Is this scenario is for One customer or there are multiple customer like that ?

If you want to use special stock functionality then you need sales order for it. But If this is only one customer, I would recommend create separate storage location for that. You have to enhance PO item data to identify that material you are ordering is relevant to customer you are taking about.

There can more approaches to deal with this scenario but you need to provide more info.

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There will be multiple customers having this process. Material will be supplied by the manufacturer and will tell you against which customer this will have to be reserved. Once you get a sales order, this stock needs to be allocated and issued to the customer. My inventory should reflect this stock against the customer and will have to get valuated in my plant.It's not typical trading of goods scenario.I will not have any sales order when i receive the material from manufacturer. Will you be able to explain in detail how the material needs to be procured from manufacturer,how it should be reserved and how the goods issue needs to happen when i receive sales order.What is the best way to enhance PO item data.


Question - how manufacturer will be linked to customer ? are you creating a Ztable for that mapping ?

If you can not use Sales order, there can be another work around

if you material+manufacturer gives you customer #, you can create a Sales Quotation in background and use MB1B with movement type 412+E with Quotation # instead of sales order #... above steps can happen with little complex development

Then creation of sales order should be with the quotation --then PGI, Billing can follow the normal process. I think but you have explore more make this work.