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Mar 09, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Developing HCI Groovy scripts in Eclipse - missing Message class dependency?


I am using Eclipse (Mars) and the latest version of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Tools Plug-in.

When creating a new script in the integration flow and new .groovy file automatically created. By default it opens in a basic (not very helpful) editor.

I have added the Groovy plug in to get content assistance. I have also updated the build path so that the necessary libraries are added for Java and Groovy. However, I still get errors in the editor because of a missing dependency that all the scripts generated by the Integration Designer will have.

The scripts all import

which is not on the build path. Where can one download a JARwhich contains this class so that we can use the editor without errors and with content assistance?

I recall similar issues years ago when developing UDFs for SAP PI - back then the solution was to find the necessary JAR on the PI server, but I can't do something similar with a Tenant in the Cloud.

Any advise would be appreciated.