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Jul 19, 2006 at 07:28 PM

Delete a Purchase Requisition Item



I have a problem changing a production order.

the problem ocures from a purchase requisition. When I am in ME52N the deletion indicator goes in display, where Icant delete it.

I am trying to delete a line item from the requistion of account assigment --> "f" and item category "d".

when I try to delete the line item I get the message " this item is only deletable via the associated production order".

I tried to locate the production order through Co03, but was not able to, so that I can then go to change mode and then delete. I was able to find the order in the table afko --" order header data PP orders".

at the same item I am unable to locate the order in the table afpo -- "order item".

the order finish date is in 2004. I am thinking that the order might have been archived.

if so, I am stuck how to delete the line item.

if anyone, has any ideas or any way around, do let me know