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Currency conversion in calculation view result different in Analysis Office

Hi folks

we currently face a strange behaviour using calculation views(graphical).

I recalculate a column by standard currency conversion in calculation view.

If I run the preview in Eclipse, the result is 100% correct.Even when I query the calculation view with SQL the result is fine. I am recalculating Australian$ to EUR and my Eclipse preview result returns the correct value e.g. AUD = 30$ = €20,82 ( as shown in picture. Running the calculation view within composite Provider or even natively in Analysis Office, the result shows the( AU$ 30) Euro value populated by original AUD value (39) what is complete nonsens,instead of the expected converted value like in Calculation view previes (see 2.nd picture)

Any idea what may cause that behaviour?

I haven't foun an answer in SAP notes yet

Any help is highly appreciated


amtsb.png (2.3 kB)
dkrto.png (1.8 kB)
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