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Jul 19, 2006 at 10:41 AM

ISA CRM 4.0 B2C Issue


Hi All

I have posted this Message almost 4 to 5 time , but no one has replied , as they have never come across the problem, if this is the case , we shud take those ases first. pls help !!!!

Case : ISA B2C CRM 4.0

Deploying through SDM

I have created New Custom B2C as per Extension Template


Business Object Manager

Business Object

Backend Interface

Backend Object

Created Entries in bom-config.xml & backendobject-config.xml as well

Classes are as per Extension.

My Modified Application was working Fine ==> It has passed all layers & retriving DATA from CRM & Displaying on Custom JSP.

Some time Back Server was Restarted , & after that Every New Application created gives fillowing Error

500 Internal Server Error 
SAP J2EE Engine/6.40 

Application error occurred during request processing. 
Details: Error [
Error while servlet [action] is initialized with a run-as identity.], 
with root cause [ null].
Exception id: [0002A56BEBF7005700000112000007A400041641E2ED396E]

Now it the same case with each n every EAR with different contextnode( totally Clean) which i create through isa build tool ( but earlier it was not the case though i am following same procedure for creating ear)

Now after that I removed corrosponding Entries from bom-config.xml & backendobject-config.xml & restarted the Server( J2EE)

Application Started Coming fine , & due to this , my New Customirization was not able to come ( this is sure as there is no Entries in both the files for that Objects)

Again Reentered the Entries , & then Same Error Started Coming !!!!!!!!!

What is going Wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Is there is any problem with SDM !!!!.

When i have gone to Logs isaerror.log[impl:3]_19##0#0#Error#1#/#Plain###[undefined|system.cache.exception] An error occurred in the core cache "region 'XCM_SESSION_SCOPE' already exists in cache"#[impl:3]_19##0#0#Error#1#/#Plain###[undefined|system.cache.exception] An error occurred in the core cache "region 'XCM_APP_SCOPE' already exists in cache"#[impl:3]_19##0#0#Error#1#/#Plain###[undefined|system.initFailed] Initalization of com.sapmarkets.isa.core.xcm.init.ExtendedConfigInitHandler failed
java.lang.StackOverflowError #

then I have come to Point that there is somthing wrong with Cach Control Configuration .

with errors as follows

An error occurred in the core cache "region 'XCM_SESSION_SCOPE' already exists in cache"#
An error occurred in the core cache "region 'XCM_APP_SCOPE' already exists in cache"#
Initalization of com.sapmarkets.isa.core.xcm.init.ExtendedConfigInitHandler failed

I tried to clear the cache through


<b>System Cache Statistics</b> Option

but the page comes blank without any links

Initially this was not the Problem , now how it is Coming !!!! But as far as i know , once our Development Server was Restarted .

Now after that whatever new EAR i m building ( locally) is not coming Properly

<b>Please can u throw some Light on that.

pls help me , i believe , u all can solve my problem

Please Reply Soon</b>

Thanks & Regards


Ravi Sah