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Getting PRTs used in a Routing operation

Mar 09, 2017 at 10:43 AM


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Hi SAP-Community,

I'm currently developing a custom program which needs to read all PRTs for a given operation in a routing.

I.e. I open CA03, enter my group number, double-click a group counter, select a single operation and click the "PRT" button. Now I see a list of all PRTs for this operation.

I would like to know how to do this in ABAP. (With functional modules, BAPIs, tables, or something similar)

I already learned that the information I want (object type and ID) is stored in the PLFH table if I supply task list type (PLNTY), group (PLNNR), node (PLNKN) and deletion indicator (LOEKZ) <> 'X' - however in some cases this will still return more PRTs than shown in CA03. I assume this is because PLFH also stores history data for all PRTs ever connected to this plan operation - so I might need another join with a table which tells me what entries are still valid. But I don't know which table that might be.

Could you tell me if there is a functional module for this or how my table selects should look like?

Thanks, Dennis

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Former Member Mar 10, 2017 at 04:57 PM

Wohoo, finally figured it out!

As it turns out, PLFH does indeed store all the information I need, but also historical data. To get only the entries valid at a specific date, you need to select with datuv <= yourDate, and then group by the PRT position counter. In each group you must only keep the most recent entry (indicated by the highest ZAEHL value)

This subroutine does exactly that:

** PLFH doesn't store only active PRTs but much rather a complete-day
** based history, depending on change number.
** This Subroutine returns those PRTs which would also be shown in CA03.
FORM get_active_plfh_entries
 USING uv_plnty TYPE plnty
 uv_plnnr TYPE plnnr
 uv_plnkn TYPE plnkn
 uv_datuv TYPE datuv
 CHANGING ct_active_plfhs TYPE plfh_tt.

 DATA ls_plfh_line TYPE plfh.

 CLEAR ct_active_plfhs.

 INTO TABLE ct_active_plfhs
 WHERE plnty = uv_plnty
 AND plnnr = uv_plnnr
 AND plnkn = uv_plnkn
 AND datuv <= uv_datuv.

 " Remove those entries which were replaced by a newer one or have a deletion flag
 LOOP AT ct_active_plfhs INTO ls_plfh_line.
 " Delete entries which are replaced by THIS entry.
 " (i.e. same position counter but lower ZAEHL)
 DELETE ct_active_plfhs
 WHERE plnty = ls_plfh_line-plnty
 AND plnnr = ls_plfh_line-plnnr
 AND pzlfh = ls_plfh_line-pzlfh
 AND zaehl < ls_plfh_line-zaehl.

 IF ls_plfh_line-loekz = 'X'.
 " Remove this entry as well since it has a deletion flag
 DELETE ct_active_plfhs WHERE pzlfh = ls_plfh_line-pzlfh.
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