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Mar 09, 2017 at 07:50 AM

mad on delivery changes in apo

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We have an interesting issue, The users were changing the dates for delivery MAD in shipment in the "vehicle" tab and the same date was flown in MD04 and in RRP3-APO.They are expecting the change on the date on shipment to use in APO planning,

But the nighttime job-sdrq was changing the date reset back to the old MAD and the APO date changed after following the reset date in MD04.

So, we have decided to stop the sdrq job and the MD04 and Shipment date -in vehicle for the delivery was same.

APO in RRP3 was also in sync.But after some hours the APO -RRP3 date was reset back to the old MAD -we did not run CCR-Push dates or SDRQ in APO or any BOP jobs that can change the date in old MAD date.

I have 3 questions from the forum:-

1.Any other job that can change the date in RRP3 and dis-align the date from as in MD04?

2. What is the field mapping for the MAD shown in APO? I mean where this is picked from? any user exit or from any other way this was getting updated only in APO?

3.Any way that we can check how the date on the delivery was changed from any log-pertaining to RRP3