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Jul 18, 2006 at 07:34 AM

Business Mantras for Success in Future....


The recent focus on Service Oriented Architecture is not just something that SAP has been promoting to enhance the Enterprise Software business, but the acceptance that it's been finding shows that it indeed is a well thought of and researched initiatives. As businesses are growing, organically or inorganically, what keep the efficiencies on is the seamless flow of information. This information as of now, due to the mere size of enterprise software, makes its flow rigid and more focused on what can be achieved through them, rather than what the businesses really would like to have.

Size does really still matter, but so does agility and flexibility, coupled with adaptability. ESA does allow companies and business process owners to think of innovative way to reach the end customer and identify as well as deliver exactly what they may want. This enable the concept of "core competency" to be implemented uniquely to each business as they wish to, rather than just being a "me too" of a benchmark firm. After all, each business, like people, has some uniqueness to it, which it would like to leverage. This could be in terms of the Branding, Go to market strategy, Low cost or service provider image.

These changes of course make change management more important. Not just in terms of the competency required by the Business Process Experts involved in further implementation, also the right education to the clientele in terms of the possibilities existing and the business impact of the same.