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Jul 17, 2006 at 05:28 PM

Help with Business Process


I am a newbie to XI world and am trying to implement the following. Create a scenario where a HTTP client calls a BAPI (creating a PO) synchronously, wish it would have been the end :). There 3 steps in PO creation, one is to create from one company code to another and create the same quantity and material to a vendor and acknowledge to the web client about the PO creation status.

Since the above is a sequence and a process, I am assuming I have to use BPM capability of XI. If answer is yes, then any business process has to be implemented through BPM, am I right in concluding this?

Am more looking at direction than any particular answers, if anyone can guide me I will find my way out.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Sunil Achyut