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smartforms migrated to adobe forms issues

Hello people,

i am migrating some huge smarforms to adobe on ecc 6.0. these smartforms were migrated themselves from an old 46c release.

I tried first with a simple invoice smartform and it gave only a few warnings.

After that i had to completely rewrite the driver program as it uses different functions to call the adobe forms.

THe main pain started when i wanted to download the pdf on application server, which i used to do via convert_otf but it's not possible anymore with adobe.

HAving little experience, i copied a driver standard program which i supposed was already used for printing adobe invoices but, unfortunately, even though i checked the getpdf

parameter, i cant get anything.

I realized the as for the smartforms, the adobe form is transformed in a /XXX function module but at the very end, when it comes to output the pdf in binary mode , it doesn't.

IT just keep the pdf binary data within a local field inside the function but it's not possible

to transfer it to the proper output structure of the /XX function module so i can't use it

and i am not able to create a dataset using those binary data.

I guess the focal points are :

migrating an old smartform to a new adobe form

creating a proper program the print (ie an invoice) and to download the pdf file on application server using the GETPDF parameter .

being able to do the same with a PDF/A-1 format(which is the main task we are trying to accomplish).

Can anybody give soem hints ? I have very little experience on adobe forms.


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