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Jul 17, 2006 at 09:08 AM

HR-PDC , Time Management Interface Question



I am involved in a project that links Kronos Time Management system with SAP 4.6C . Since Kronos is certified for standard interface HR-PDC, we can use it for integration without patch-work.

For more information, go to this" target="_blank">">this link and on the right hand side, select Human Resources from Integration Scenarios -> Business Application Integration. Select HR-PDC from the list of interfaces available for HR.

There are a few concerns though, the most important being related to transfer of HR mini-master data. It is mentioned in the interface documentation that SAP always sends complete master data for all employees and that deltas are not supported.

Now, the customer has around 50,000 employees and sending data for each one of them every night doesn't seem to be a workable solution, especially when only 30-50 records change in a day. I understand that sending deltas can be accomplished through some tweaking, I am wondering why the standard interface won't support them, knowing the fact that all historical (delta) information is available from cluster PCL4.

Although I understand that SAP themselves are in a better position to answer the question of why the interface is like that, I am asking if anyone experienced any short-comings with sending delta information. For example, perhaps the number of scenarios for which delta was to be transferred were too many and sending complete information was more suitable. So if anyone has had previous experience of working on HR-PDC, please shed some light on their experience.

Secondly, is there a standard interface to record and send changes in Organization and Staffing (create, modifiy, delete) to a sub-system? I am talking in relation to t. code PPOME. Is HR-OCI the right interface for that???

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