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Jul 14, 2006 at 07:40 PM

Java server disconnects from Message server - large XI message


hello there,

We have been having fun with our SAP XI production installation. Today we had an interface start at 10:12 on java server1. It seemed like the java server was not running anymore but it is still in a running state in JCMON and in the System Info webpage.

We came to find out the the log /usr/sap/<SID>/SCS<##>/work/dev_ms had the following error message...

[Thr 1] Fri Jul 14 10:29:23 2006

[Thr 1] *** ERROR => MsSCheckConnections: no response from client C3 (J2EE76452

6051) after 300 secs received [msxxserv_mt. 2923]

[Thr 1] *** ERROR => MsSCheckConnections: disconnect now [] [msxx

serv_mt. 2930]

[Thr 1] MsJ2EE_AddDisconnectedNode: add node [764526051] into disconnect list

[Thr 1] MsJ2EE_CleanDisconnectedNodes: clean disconnect list

The message that was process was an SAP R3(rfc) --> XI --> (file) ... the file we are processing is only 73mb.

The server1 is up and running but I am not sure it is registerd to the Message server.... How can we see if Server1 is been reconnected to the SCS message server?

Thanks for your assistance.