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Cascading filters and the corresponding measure value to a AdvancedKPItile

Hi All,

Thanks for the below blog for providing solution for cascading filters when UNX as data source. I could able to get the desired filteration but am not able to show the narrow down measure value to a "AdvancedKPItile". Please suggest here.


Vishal P

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  • Hi Vishal,

    Can you also post a screenshot of the Additional Property Sheet of the KPI tile component you are using?

  • Hi Mustafa, PFA of the same.

    kpitile1.jpg kpitile2.jpg

    During assignment of a value to the KPI am selecting a random value(sales) in the table.

    And at runtime it should pick & display the value dynamically when there is a change in the dropdowns, say as per my previous screenshot, If I select country dropdown value as "US" & state as "Texas" then the KPI should display "43" and similarly to other selections.

    kpitile1.jpg (63.4 kB)
    kpitile2.jpg (56.0 kB)
  • Hi Vishal,

    From the screenshots of the APS, it looks like you are using the Advanced KPI Tile from the Visual BI Extensions. You should therefore raise your related questions directly with Visual BI Support rather than posting them on the SCN.



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