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Jul 14, 2006 at 04:07 PM

what to change in templete to make field desiable?



I need to desible the field in SC, and trying to modify the templete .. can any one tell me what exactly we need to modify in templete.

example this is the code for the button .

`if (BUTTON_SOS_RESET.exists)`

`if (BUTTON_SOS_RESET.disabled)`


<a href="javascript:SetOkCode('`BUTTON_SOS_RESET.okcode`', 'BBPForm', '', '', '');" class="blueButton" onmouseover="status=' ';return true;" onmouseout="status=' ';">

<img src="`mimeURL(~service="bbpglobal", ~language="", ~name="images/icon/trash.gif")`" border=0 alt="`BUTTON_SOS_RESET.label`" title="`BUTTON_SOS_RESET.label`"></a>



I tried giving comment for complete code like <!-- -->

and i inserted

`if (BUTTON_SOS_RESET.exists)`


`if (BUTTON_SOS_RESET.disabled)`

i tried this 2 options but didnt not work .

can any one let me know what i need to change in the templete to make disable this field.

thanks for ur time.