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Compare VAT with Intrastat


In order to verify if all declarations are correct we compare the VAT declaration with a couple of other declaration.

One of those is the intrastat. And there I encouter a problem.

Using the MEIS transaction the intrastat transactions are selected and exported to excel.

For the VAT declaration a detail is generated using S_ALR_87012357

Comparing those two is impossible at that stage because there is no common refference number between S_ALR_87012357and MEIS in order to compare them we use the GL in between account for goods receipts to link the PO orderline from MEIS to a FI documentnumber that can be traced in the VAT detail.

I wonder if there is not a simpler way to match those line items.

Because now that is a lot of manual work before we can even start the comparison.

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    Mar 09, 2017 at 09:21 AM

    There is no way to compare Intrastat and VAT reports, as the nature of both and their selection of data is quite different in many cases. you can get a good feeling if the values are close and not totally off, but that's it.

    For example, VAT is based on posted invoices. Intrastat is a movement report for goods crossing a border. If you are located in Germany and buy from a German vendor then you have the German VAT, but the goods can come from your vendors plant in Belgium, which means you have to include in Intrastat.

    You have to report Intrastat latest a month after the movement, no matter if the invoice is already there, and if it is not there then the Intrastat gets its value from the PO price. So you are certainly not in the same month as with your VAT report and you may also miss some differences if the price in the PO was not accurate.

    Cancellations or corrections which happen after the Intrastat report have to reported with a separate form to the authorities as correction to the earlier Intrastat report, they will not automatically cleared with the next months Intrastat report.

    In some countries services are not reported in Intrastat.

    And plenty of other individual cases where something is reported differently in Intrastat than in a VAT report.

    See also KBA 2173778 - Difference between Intrastat (Tr. VE01 and MEIS) and FI reports (TAX, S_ALR_*)

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